Terms of Service

By accessing and using this website, you are indicating your acceptance of the following terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any of these terms and conditions, refrain from using this website. If you are under the legal age, you are prohibited from accessing or using this website. Additionally, you acknowledge and agree that you must be of legal age to initiate any collaboration with this website. Upon submitting the registration form, you are affirming that you have thoroughly read, comprehended, and consent to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions. These terms and conditions constitute the complete agreement between and yourself.

1. Definitions

1.1 "Agreement" stands for these Terms of Service.

1.2 "Company" stands for the company "ProWritersTime" which searches for and engages the Writers into collaboration in line with and as defined by these Terms of Service.

1.3 "Website" stands for

1.4 "Order" or "Case" stands for an electronic inquiry of a chargeable service from the Customer for a specific Product.

1.5 "Product" stands for a document in either.docx or.doc format that forms the final outcome after completing an Order by the Writer and rendering assistance by the Support.

1.6 "Support Department" or "Support" stands for the Company's subdivision with the main aim to act and serve as an assistant for both the Customer and the Writer.

1.7 "Customer" stands for a person who requests for getting the ready-drafted content/paper prepared by the Writers of the Company to render the Product in line with the Customer’s demands and pays for the rendered service/Product according to the pricing system.

1.8 "Writer" stands for a specialist who has provided the consent to collaborate with the Company as a freelancer and render writing services in line with the Company's terms and conditions as indicated in this Agreement.

1.9 "Reachable," when applied to the Writer, stands for the Writer's availability to render writing services to the Company and the specific Customer(-s) by using the Internet (email and Messaging System) and, for the Support assistance, by phones (cellular or landline) at any time during the time for completing the Order.

1.10 "Responsive," when applied to the Writer, stands for one's availability to render the requested necessary information to the Customer and the Company during the time for processing the Order.

1.11 "Account" stands for an electronic record regarding the Orders processed or completed by the Writer, including the Writer's personal information (his/her full name, place of residence, payment details, etc.), payments, and all communications with the Writer.

1.12 "Account Activation" stands for commencing the collaboration between the Company and the Writer.

1.13 "Account Termination" stands for the termination of collaboration between the Company and the Writer.

1.14 "Message" stands for a textual item of the Messaging System that contains the info posted by a sender to notify a recipient.

1.15 "Messaging System" stands for an online communication facility that forms an integral part of the Writer's Account on this Website. It is integrated into the "Messages" section and is utilized specifically for organizing communication between the Customer, the Support, and the Writer.

1.16 "Due Balance" stands for the sum of Earnings that shall be repaid to the Writer for Orders completed within a certain period of time.

1.17 "Earnings" stands for the sums of money repaid to the Writer for the successfully completed Orders and rendered Products.

1.18 "Payment Method" stands for the services or systems for transferring sums of money used by the Company for transferring Earnings or other monetary compensations to Writers.

1.19 "Recipient Info" stands for the data that the Writer has to submit to one’s Account for receiving the Earnings by using the most appropriate Payment Method for him/her.

1.20 "Payment Dates" stands for the dates for transferring Earnings to the Writers by the Company by using Payment Methods selected by the Writers.

1.21 "Dispute" stands for any disagreement or controversy raised by the Writer concerning the Fines or the Account Termination.

1.22 "Fine" stands for any monetary sum that the Writer has to pay as a penalty for breaching the Company's writing standards and specifications of the Products or for the failure to fulfil the Writer's obligations partially or in full.

1.23 "Payment System" stands for any third-party payment operator that proceeds on the Company’s behalf payments received from the Customers.

1.24 "Claim" stands for any canceled/disputed charge by the Company that exists in the Customer's bank account and is made on hold by the Payment System of a card issuing operator after the authorization procedure has been completed based on the request of the Customer.

1.25 "Investigation Period" stands for the time designated for the investigation concerning the Claim that may last from 14 to 21 business days.

1.26 "Probation Period" stands for the period designated to adapt the Writer's performance to the Company's requirements and standards if the Writer's performance has been defined previously as such that is below the Company's requirements and standards.

1.27 "Chargeback/Refund" refers to a payment transaction that the Customer has requested to be reversed for the product.

1.28 "Chargeback/Refund Investigation" is a process where the Manager and the Customer engage in a dispute to determine the validity of the Chargeback/Refund. This investigation is conducted within a month after notifying the Writer.

2. The Subject of the Agreement

2.1 This Agreement has been made to regulate the collaboration between the Company, the Customer, and the Writer.

3. Obligations of the Writer and the Company

3.1 The Company undertakes to:

3.1.1 Render and ensure the Writer the access to the Account (personal control panel) and choosing of Orders if such is available at a certain particular moment.

3.1.2 Form, save, and track records concerning the Writer's work during the collaboration with the Company, namely the number of Orders completed within a certain period, the history of payments, and other details. These records shall be available for review in the Writer's Account.

3.1.3 Conduct payments using Payment Methods selected by the Writers and on the Payment Dates indicated in clause 8.1 of this Agreement.

3.1.4 Be an intermediate and ensure the proper interaction of the Writer with the Customer and reach both by using phones if the necessity arises.

3.1.5 Ensure the high quality of delivered Products as well as impose fines on Writers for the failure to meet the requirements indicated in clause 4 of this Agreement. Such fines shall be charged in the amounts indicated in clause 6 hereof.

3.1.6 Decide concerning the activation of the Writer's Account and its termination under the conditions indicated in clauses 5 and 9 of this Agreement, respectively.

3.1.7 Settle Disputes that may appear during the procession and completion of Orders.

3.1.8 Secure any personal details and information of the Customer and the Writer according to the Privacy Policy.

3.2 The Writer undertakes to:

3.2.1 Fulfill all instructions, demands, and guidelines provided by the Customer during the time of completion of the Order.

3.2.2 Fulfill all Company's requirements and standards for the Products, as indicated in clause 4 of this Agreement.

3.2.3 Fulfill the standards of major formatting styles (APA, MLA, Turabian/Chicago, or Harvard) as indicated in the Writing guide in the Formatting Checklist section of this Website and the Account.

3.2.4 Load the completed Product before the deadline indicated in the Order.

3.2.5 Load at least half of the Product completed before 50% of the defined deadline (applicable to Orders that are more than 20 pages).

3.2.6 Be Reachable and Responsive at any time during the collaboration and the time of work on Orders. Log in to one’s Account at least once per 24 hours during the time designated to complete the Order.

3.2.7 Load at least half or more of the Product completed subject to the Company's request with the purpose of extending the initial deadline. (Any extensions of deadlines always remain at the Company’s discretion).

3.2.8 Provide revisions of Products free of charge.

3.2.9 Save confidential all information concerning Orders.

3.2.10 Render Products to the Company exclusively and avoid sharing/selling/donating such to any other third party without the Company’s management consent.

3.2.11 Use during the collaboration one’s name only with accurate and actual personal details. Collaboration by using more than one Account is prohibited.

3.2.12 Transfer to the Company all proprietary intellectual property rights for the rendered Products.

3.2.13 Writers are prohibited from participating instead of our Customers in any type of online assignment or logging in on the Customer's behalf to any type of online assignment.

3.3 The failure to fulfil all responsibilities indicated in clauses 3.2.1., 3.2.2., 3.2.3., 3.2.4., 3.2.5., 3.2.6 shall be the subject of imposing fines indicated in clause 6 of this Agreement.

3.4 Systematic failures to fulfil obligations indicated in clauses 3.3, 3.2.8., 3.2.9., 3.2.10 of this Agreement will lead t the Account Termination, as indicated in clause 9.1 of this Agreement.

4. Company's requirements and standards for the delivered Products

4.1 Any created Product has to be:

4.1.1 Unique only and based on the appropriate argumentation.

4.1.2 Elaborated logically by organizing ideas according to the purpose of the topic extension, choosing and linking suitable words and phrases, and applying linguistic tools appropriate to the context.

4.1.3 Created in a manner enabling to development the main subject thoroughly and meet all instructions provided by the Customer.

4.1.4 Structured in a manner appropriate to a certain type of paper as indicated in the Order.

4.2 Following all formatting requirements means:

4.2.1 Unless otherwise specified in the Customer's instructions, content has to be typed on A4 pages (8.267" x 11.692") with 1" all sides margins. The minimum word count per 1 page shall be 275 words. This amount shall not be an upper limit and can be increased respectively to fulfil the demands indicated in clause 4.5.2 if this is required.

4.2.2 Unless otherwise specified in the Customer's instructions, the font should be Times New Roman or a similar 12 pt font with double-spacing.

4.2.3 Page numbers should appear in the right-hand upper corner of a text.

4.2.4 Formatting of titles and subtitles, page headers, in-text references, foot- and endnotes, bibliography, and other essential formatting elements should appear according to the respective formatting styles (Turabian/Chicago, APA, MLA, or other).

4.2.5 If the Writer deals with Orders of Editing/Proofreading, he/she has to edit/proofread at least 30% of the provided content.

4.3 Following language standards:

4.3.1 Texts have to be prepared in immaculate English without breaching any language standards, i.e., morphology, grammar, punctuation, stylistics, etc.

4.4 Plagiarism-free requirement means:

4.4.1 The plagiarism level must be maintained at 0%, which is achieved by utilizing dedicated plagiarism-detection software. When evaluating the plagiarism level, cliched phrases and bibliographical references should not be considered.

4.4.2 The paper must not be generated using any paraphrasing tools. The use of AI paper writing tools is strictly forbidden.

4.5 Following the Customer's demands means this:

4.5.1 All demands, instructions, and guidelines provided by the Customer have to be followed 100%.

4.5.2 The rendered Product has to comply with the requirements concerning the required number of full pages requested and paid for by the Customer.

4.6 Failure to fulfil provisions of clauses 4.1.-4.5. will lead to the application of disciplinary measures indicated in clause 6 of this Agreement.

4.7 Systematic failure to fulfil the provisions of clauses 4.1.-4.5. will lead to applying the Probation Period or Account Termination as identified in clause 9 of this Agreement.

5. Account Activation and Probation

5.1 Account Activation stands for the following procedure

5.1.1 To activate their account, the Writer must complete the registration form on the website, successfully pass the grammar test (with up to 3 attempts allowed), complete the Short Essay, Professional Essay, and formatting styles tests (with up to 2 attempts allowed), and provide a photo of their degree and ID card.

5.1.2 During 21 days after tests have been completed and all required documents have been provided, the Support sends the Writer a notification whether his/her Writer's Account has been activated or not. The Support may also request the Writer to submit any other required extra information, correct those that have been already provided, request the revision(-s) of the provided essay sample, or complete tests again if the results of the first tests were insufficient.

5.1.3 Exclusively after the Account Activation, the Writer becomes entitled to apply for completing Orders and start receiving Earnings.

6. Disciplinary Measures

6.1 Monetary Sanctions

6.1.1 A fine of 50% of the projected Product price will be imposed for the plagiarized Product that has not been forwarded to the Customer.

6.1.2 A fine of 200% of the projected Product price will be imposed for the plagiarized Product that has resulted in the Customer chargeback.

6.1.3 A fine of 200% of the projected Product price will be imposed for the Product that has resulted in the refund.

6.1.4 A fine of 100% of the projected Product price will be imposed if the Product is overdue, and this results in a refund.

6.1.5 A fine of 75% of the projected Product price will be imposed for the Product that fails to comply with the Customer's requirements and instructions entirely, and this results in issuing the refund.

6.1.6 A fine of 25% of the projected Product price be imposed if the assigned Writer request to extend the initial deadline after this deadline has passed.

6.1.7 Regardless of the time taken to request a reassignment, there will be a penalty of 25% of the estimated CPP for Reassign Requests on orders with a deadline of 8 hours or fewer. For orders with a deadline of 5 hours or fewer, Reassign Requests will result in a fine of 50% of the projected CPP.

6.1.8 A fine of 25% of the estimated CPP may be imposed for issues such as Poor Grammar, Low Quality, Failure to meet the deadline, Unavailability (inaccessible to the Support team), Plagiarism, Discrepancies in instructions, and similar reasons.

6.2 Non-monetary Sanctions

6.2.1 The Account suspension for 1 month without the right to access and review Orders will be applied to the Writer who takes Orders blindly without reviewing their content and instructions before taking such Orders.

6.2.2 The limit for taking orders shall be decreased by 1 if the Writer shows a systematic tendency for the late completion of taking Orders.

6.2.3 Writers that suffer from the procrastination tendency (i.e., asking for clarifications after more than 50 % of the time for completing the Order has passed) may be suspended for 2 weeks.

6.2.4 Writers who are inaccessible, including those frequently having their phones off, may be suspended for 48 hours. Systematic violations will result in a longer period of suspension (1 week or less).

6.2.5 The Quality Assurance Department reserves the right to enforce alternative non-monetary or monetary forms of punishment as they deem suitable at any given time.

6.3 Account Termination

6.3.1 The Company is entitled to initiate the Account Termination instantly (by notifying the Writer via phone or email) in these cases:

6.3.2 Breaching the provisions of clauses 3.2.7, 3.2.8, 3.2.9, and 9.1 of this Agreement (Disclosure of the details of Orders, sharing/selling/donating of created Products with any other third party, using of fake Accounts and a couple of usernames).

6.3.3 Systematic breach (3 and more cases during 1 month) of clauses 4.1.-4.5. (failure to follow the Company's requirements and standards concerning the Products) and clauses 3.2.1., 3.2.2., 3.2.3., 3.2.4., 3.2.5. (The Writer's obligations).

6.3.4 The Writer is entitled to initiate the Account Termination at any time if he/she has no pending orders and notifies the Support via phone, chat or email 10 days before the desired termination date.

6.3.5 In case of the Account Termination, all pending Earnings will be issued to the Writer on the closest Payment Date.

6.3.6 Breaching clause 3.2.8 of this Agreement will lead to Account Termination.

6.4 Probation Period

6.4.1 If the Writer has been suspended for any fraudulent activity or his/her quality of work drops extremely, he/she shall pass the Probation Period during the next 2 months.

6.4.2 After the Probation Period, the Writer has to successfully pass his/her reevaluation test.

6.4.3 During the Probation Period, the Writer will be able to complete a limited number of Orders simultaneously (not more than 2).

6.4.4 Until the re-evaluation tests are successfully completed, the account will remain frozen.

6.4.5 The failure of the reevaluation test results in the Account Termination.

7. Dispute Settlement

7.1 The Customer is entitled to dispute one's case during the following:

  • 14 days after the initial rendering of the ordered paper
  • 14 days after the next revision of the ordered paper
  • 14 days after the final approval of the case
  • Plagiarism claims as an exception have no timeframes.

7.2 The Quality Assurance Manager:

  • Has to reply to the Writer's requests and questions on time
  • Has to render the Writer the specified reasons for the Dispute after getting the Writer’s inquiry
  • Has to determine the preliminary deadline for the final resolution of the Dispute after getting the Writer's inquiry
  • Hast to render the supporting documentation and reasons for raising the Dispute (Plagiarism report, graded rubric, paper, etc.) after getting the Writer's request
  • Has to provide updates to the Writer all the time on the course of the resolution process and negotiations with the Customer
  • Has to inform the Writer concerning the final solution that resolves the Dispute achieved (the percentage of the due refund)
  • Is entitled to ask for the provision of materials utilized by the Writer to complete the disputed paper
  • Is entitled to ask for the Writer’s suggestions concerning the validity of reasons indicated by the Customer to start the Dispute
  • Is entitled to charge the Writer for this Dispute by decreasing his/her payment
  • Is entitled to impose fines based on the essence of the Dispute that has emerged.

7.3 The Writer:

  • Has to reply to the Dispute Manager's inquiries and questions on time
  • Has to provide all data concerning the paper creation process upon the Dispute Manager’s inquiry
  • Has to provide links and digital copies of all resources used during the time of paper creation upon the Dispute Manager’s inquiry
  • Is entitled to ask to provide documents that support the grounds the Customers consider sufficient to start the Dispute (Plagiarism Report, a graded paper, or graded rubric, etc.)
  • Is entitled to take part in the negotiations with the Customer
  • Is entitled to get updates concerning the negotiation and dispute settlement process
  • Is entitled to provide his/her personal opinion concerning the Dispute resolution.

7.4 The Quality Assurance Department is entitled to impose fines and other sanctions indicated in Clause 6 of this Agreement if the Company suffers substantial losses because of the Writer’s poor performance.

7.5 The Writer is entitled to dispute the amount of imposed fines and other sanctions applied by the Quality Assurance Department, as indicated in clauses 6.1 and 7.4 of this Agreement, within 3 (three) business days after such fines have been imposed and sanctions applied to the Writer. He/she has to indicate reasons that prove the imposition of fines/applications of sanctions was unfair, as well as provide proof of one's words. The investigation process shall be conducted by the Quality Assurance Manager and generally lasts up to 7 (seven) business days from the time the Dispute has been passed for resolution.

7.6 Account Termination based on the reasons indicated in clause 6.3 of this Agreement is not possible to set on the dispute, is irrevocable and final.

7.7 The Dispute Manager or the Quality Assurance Department is entitled to cancel payment for the case in dispute if the Dispute grounds are not covered by any clause indicated above. If this situation emerges, the Dispute Manager is responsible for providing the specified reasons concerning the payment's cancellation.

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8. Payment terms

8.1 After the Account Activation, during the time of consideration by the Support, or at least 4 days prior to the Payment Dates, the Writer has to submit the Recipient Info to one's Account and verify it by the Support. If the Recipient Info is not submitted during the indicated period, the Company shall process all payments to the subsequent Payment Date. Writers are prohibited from changing their payment information after the Account Termination. The Company bears no responsibility for the inoperative or incorrect payment information provided by the Writer. In this case, the Writer bears all commissions and has to pay a fee of $25 for the payment recall/investigation.

8.2 If the Writer loads the Product prepared in line with all terms and conditions indicated in clause 4 of this Agreement and the Customer accepts the Product, the Writer gets the indicated sum of money. It becomes visible in his/her Due Balance section. The Earnings for all accepted Products are summed in the Unrequested section of the Financial Overview until they count to $50 and have to be paid later at the closest Payment Date of the current payment month.

8.3 The payments are made twice per month within 5 days after passing the request deadline. The sums requested before the 1st day of every month shall be paid between the 1st and 6th day of the month. The sums requested before the 15th day shall be paid between the 15th and 21st day of the month. Overdue requests will not be processed during the current payment period, i.e., the request submitted on the 15th day will be processed for making the payment during the 1st - 6th day of the subsequent mont h.

8.4 The Writer is entitled to select the Payment Method the most convenient for him/her so that the Company can use it for making any payments. The Payment Method has to be chosen in accordance with the availability of the service offices for the selected payment methods and the Writer's location. We have the next methods available for payment: PayPal and Payoneer. Prior to submitting the initial payment request, it is advisable to seek clarification regarding the accepted payment methods from the Financial department. The most favourable method is Payoneer as both the Writer and the Company may find it convenient. The peculiarities of each Payment Method are indicated in the "Payment" section you may find on the Website. If the Writer intends to alter the payment details, he/she has to pass the verification and submit the official documentation to ensure the security measures.

9. Privacy

9.1 All details obtained from the Customers and Writers shall be secured and confidential. They should not be shared with any other third party. The specific information concerning privacy matters is indicated in the Privacy Policy placed on the Website.

10. Intellectual Property

10.1 The Company takes measures for the proper distribution of the intellectual property (IP) rights concerning the delivered Products according to this Agreement.

10.2 By agreeing to take obligations and rights set forth in this Agreement, the Writer and the Company acknowledge that moral and proprietary rights to the rendered products will be separated from each other and will be exercised separately also.

10.3 The Writer proceeds with an entire, exclusive, and unconditional transfer to the Company of all proprietary IP rights on the Product. The indicated transfer will be made if the Writer provides consent to be legally responsible under this Agreement. The Writer affirms that he/she has no right to reuse the Products based on one's desire and, thus, cannot share/sell/publish the Product with any other third party.

10.4 Meanwhile, moral IP rights will be inalienable – that belong to the Writer exclusively.

10.5 Moral IP rights are the rights to claim and appear as the author of the Product and to object to any kind of distortion, alteration, or other infringing action concerning the Product if such action can cause harm to the Writer's professional reputation or personal honor.

10.6 IP rights that are not indicated in clause 10.5 of this Agreement shall be considered proprietary IP rights assigned to the Company.

10.7 The Company gets and exercises the entire scope of proprietary IP rights on the Product according to the terms of this Agreement. The entire scope of the Company’s rights covers the rights of examples of delivered papers, essays, and any other writing works prepared by the Writer.

10.8 Breaching of the clauses 10.1.-10.7 will lead to the instant Account Termination, as indicated in clause 6. 3 of this Agreement.

11. Claims

11.1 All claims shall be considered by the Company's Risk Department and the Payment System within the time of the Investigation Period.

11.2 Orders with the Customers' Claims shall be redirected to the Quality Assurance Department, where they have to be examined in detail, including whether the Product complies entirely with the requirements and standards of the Company indicated in clauses 4 and 3.2 of this Agreement.

11.2.1 The Quality Assurance Department is entitled to request the Writer to provide photos or screenshots of the sources used for preparing the Product as citations or references:

  • The Investigation period shall be extended automatically by the time required to fulfil the inquiry.

11.3 The Earnings per the Order in question shall be put on hold and retained 100% of the Writer's Due Balance during the time of the Investigation Period.

12. Chargeback/Refund

12.1 The investigation of Chargeback/Refund cases is conducted by the Company's Billing Department, referred to as the Dispute Department in chat, throughout the Chargeback/Refund Investigation process.

12.2 The Billing Department has the authority to request a detailed explanation from the Writer regarding the factors that could potentially lead to the Customer's Chargeback:

  • The Chargeback Investigation period is automatically prolonged to accommodate the time needed to fulfill this request.

12.3 The payment for the Order made to the Writer is temporarily withheld, and 100% of it is retained from the Writer's balance for the duration of the Chargeback/Refund Investigation Period.

12.4 If the reason behind the Chargeback is found to be valid, the payment made to the Writer for the Order may be adjusted based on the fine imposed by the Quality Assurance Manager.