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Category Writer Pages Salary
ENL WRITERSEnglish Native Language ID 4**2 301 $4454
ID 5**8 387 $2543
ESL WRITERSEnglish Second Language ID 11**5 318 $2921
ID 76**9 390 $2193
  • Native English speakers for orders that are to be completed by writers whose First language is English.
  • Writers with English as the Second language. That would be a plus if you are proficient in the following industries:
  • English 101
  • Engineering
  • Statistics
  • Medicine
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Business Studies
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • IT, Web
  • Physics
  • Architecture
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Freelance Academic Writing Jobs Online

Online writing jobs are opportunities enabling you to realize your knowledge and creativity maximally while working as you want. Our service offers such conditions that both beginners and experts may find suitable. We are always open to new views and ready to start our collaboration with skilled freelance writers. Yes, freelance academic writers wanted! Prowriterstime has good conditions and offers for you.

Get Academic Writing Jobs With Us 24/7

Just imagine – you can work from anywhere and when you want. You need only keep in mind and adhere to our flexible collaboration standards and strict requirements for writing. But, there is nothing complicated about that, especially for the professional academic writer or editor.

This collaboration can open enormous opportunities for extending and gaining new writing experience. Online writing jobs with our service are flexible, convenient, and sometimes even challenging. But, you are not afraid of that, aren’t you? You may be probably a writer who likes good opportunities and challenges and ready to get good earnings for that.

Why Better to Choose Prowriterstime Service for Collaboration

Prowriterstime is a place where management does its best for ensuring the best working conditions and opportunities for writers:

  • Diverse academic writing jobs where nearly any writer may find something suitable.
  • The vast experience of providing writing and editing services – good standards to follow.
  • Great flexibility for organizing your time and workloads.
  • Rewarding academic writing job.
  • New freelance writer vacancies opened nearly all the time.
  • A permanently updated list of tasks where you can make something interesting and suitable for you.

Here is a place for professional academic writers or editors. If you are one of such kind, submit your application. We are looking forward to communicating with you about this more closely.

What Academic Writers Can Get with Prowriterstime

Any freelance writer vacancy opens not only good opportunities for professional growth but also ensures great flexibility of working conditions. You may easily enjoy the comfort of your home and raise good money at the same time. You may forget about working under pressure permanently as for all office jobs. Release yourself from a dress code, burdensome corporate rules, and choose flexible and convenient freelance writing jobs online.

How to Become a Freelance Academic Writer?

Getting online academic writing jobs is more than easy. Here is how the procedure of selection and the experience of the first collaboration may look like you:

  1. Apply for the existing job opening.
  2. Wait a little bit while our HR reaches you if your profile matches directly the description of the freelance writer profile we are looking for at the moment. Don’t become upset if we have not reached you nearly instantly. Your information is saved.
  3. After our HR has contacted you, you get interview questions and tests to identify the suitability of your skills and experience to the existing job opening.
  4. We hope that everything will go well, and we will be glad to add you to our database of writers and editors. After that, the entire list of all writing tasks will be available to you. So, you may easily pick something that suits you well and start your productive work with us. Our policies and guidelines are always available. So, you will have documents to rely on.
  5. Pick any project you find interesting and start writing it instantly. We appreciate very much prompt performance before a deadline. If you find the customer’s requirements unclear, you may discuss such with him/her easily.
  6. After the ready paper has been completed, you need only upload it and increase the balance of your earnings. We wish you to have plenty of such earnings.

Get good money, enhance your writing skills, and expand your experience with us easily! Good freelance academic writers wanted!

FAQ about Our Academic Writing Jobs

  • How to choose the best freelance academic writing jobs online?
    You should carefully review the job opening, policies a certain freelance writing service has. Review what types of writing tasks they deal with most and whether such may be suitable exactly for you.
    Prowriterstime ensures the diversity of writing tasks for completion. So, each writer may find something suitable for him/her according to one’s specialization.
  • What are the requirements for joining your company?
    You need to be a professional writer. This means you need to have a degree in the respective field of your specialization, possess successful writing experience, and the same good skills. We will check that during the initial stages of negotiations and ask you to complete a couple of tests. We hope to see you among our professionals.
  • What standards should freelance writers follow?
    All of them have to be familiar with the main formatting styles (MLA, APA, Harvard, etc.). Apart from this, our professionals should have good analytical skills to expend each task they get properly. They need to generate good ideas for future content and organize it well. Strong writing skills are also essential for collaboration with us. You need to create easy-to-read and meaningful content. Of course, applying all those skills could be hardly possible without proper time-management skills. If you have all these skills, be confident about applying.
  • What about the schedule for online academic writing jobs?
    You arrange such on your own. You take as many tasks as you can to fulfil in time. You will see each deadline before which you should provide the ready paper. Observing deadlines is compulsory while collaborating with us.
  • Is it legit to work with you?
    Yes, surely. We adhere to all applicable provisions of banking, commercial, and data protection legislation. So, you may be confident about our collaboration.
  • What about payments?
    You may raise here as much as you can. Earnings are unlimited here, and we encourage you to increase your balance with the one only condition to fulfil all orders in time and according to the Customer’s requirements. You may choose the exact method of payment you find the most suitable for you. Only pay attention to the respective section in our Terms of Service and keep your info up-to-date. We want you to gain more with us and get all the money in time only.
  • Should I pay any registration fee?
    There is no need to pay anything to start working with us. We will pay you for your dedicated work according to the Terms of Service we have. If you are ready for the dedicated work and the respective payment, we are waiting for your application.

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