Academic Ghostwriting Jobs

Looking for a good job? We have a great idea for you! What if you try your hand at ghostwriting?

In fact, ghostwriting jobs are very popular these days. Kelly James-Enger, a well-known ghostwriter and author of Goodbye Byline, Hello Big Bucks claims that about 80% of all famous people's books were written by ghostwriters.

Of course, this does not mean that you will write books for Madonna or someone like that. Many companies today need quality content that will be updated on a regular basis. You can write posts, articles, blogs, email messages, etc. One of the prospective directions in this sphere is academic ghostwriting. It goes about coming up with different student papers, such as essays, term papers, thesis statements, personal philosophy, and so on.
What is common for all of these papers is the non-designation of your authorship. At the same time, you will get excellent practice for your writing skills, as well as decent pay.
Sounds good, right?

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If you don’t know how to find ghostwriting jobs, you're in the right place right now. Domain is a community of professional writers. We provide people from all over the world with student writing services.

And that means that we are always on the lookout for real experts. No matter what your reasons for becoming an independent ghostwriter, we are ready to appreciate your written talents. You do not need to deal with clients; our managers work with them. We will just regularly provide you with fresh orders. Performing them efficiently and on time, you can increase your income.

Here are the skills a ghostwriter needs:

If you recognize yourself or if you want to develop these skills or gain valuable experience in ghostwriting, contact us. We are looking for new talents, and perhaps it is you who will become an excellent member of our team!

We Offer You a Flexible Schedule & a Competitive Salary

Providing you with ghostwriting jobs, we are ready to offer you outstanding working conditions.
Let’s see what you can expect!

Flexible Schedule

No matter what country you live in. Perhaps you even travel around the world! In any case, you have the opportunity to work with us. After all, all you need for this is a computer (laptop) and access to the Internet. You receive all your orders online. Once the paper is ready, you also deliver it online without any contact with customers or us. You will also receive payment in your bank account, regardless of your location.
This means that you are a completely independent specialist. You can work 3 hours a day or 10, depending on your schedule and desire to earn. We do not control your workflow if you follow all the deadlines. Work anytime you feel comfortable! If you need weekdays or a vacation, just let us know.

Interesting Assignments

Academic assignments are a great opportunity to upgrade your writing skills and not get bored. Each university entrusts students with different tasks, and even if they have the same focus, the topics are different.
You can even choose a personal specialization in which you will become an expert. For example, you can write about animal rights, testing cosmetics, and chemicals, circus bans, vegetarianism, etc. In most cases, the choice of topic is yours. This means that you can be creative and come up with paper as if you were writing it for yourself.
You will always have enough orders to load your workday. This means that you can choose both part-time and full-time. If you manage assignments quickly, you will get new ones.

Decent Salary

We strive to find a balance between affordable prices for clients and decent salaries for writers. Our students understand that good quality papers must be paid accordingly. We do not sell cheap essays at $ 1 per page. This means that you can get a full salary as if you were working in an office. Add to this a comfortable schedule and other advantages, and you will see that cooperation with us is very beneficial for you!

Ghostwriting with ProWritersTime is a Perfect Opportunity to Earn Money

Each author in our team has a different motivation. Sometimes there are several reasons to work with us. Someone has the main job, but loves to write and therefore takes several orders a week from us. Another author wants to earn a decent life for his family and therefore chooses us because it is possible here!
Just think: you don’t waste time getting to the office, you are not trying to guess how much your boss will pay you. You always know your final income, because you can calculate this based on the number of pages written. Moreover, you have no boss! If you do your job well, and on time, you will feel completely independent. And we do not work with people who do their job poorly.
Many of our authors began with part-time employment. And this is normal because you probably have some projects. But now they have a full load because we allow them to earn as much as they want. As your expertise develops, you can increase your income. To do this, you need to either take more orders or become a top writer. Perhaps you will even find loyal customers who will pay extra for cooperation with you. In any case, ghostwriting jobs online is a slam dunk!

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Academic ghostwriting jobs is your opportunity to start and develop the perfect career. If you write with love and passion, know how to find relevant sources, sort, and analyze information, you are the one we are looking for!

We offer you mutually beneficial cooperation based on respect and worthy appreciation of work. If you have any questions and ideas, we are always open to new offers. For example, you can offer some new academic services or add a little creativity to your paper.
We love our authors, and this is a team of friends who are ready to support each other and work on a common goal: to make customers happy. If our values ​​are close to you, do not hesitate and apply to get this job! We are already waiting for you in our team!