Career for Writers with Academic Experience

There are thousands of various occupations on the market and every person gets a chance to realize dreams and apply unique talents. Every job has its own requirements and opportunities but it is difficult to find a more demanded and interesting job than being a writer.

Writers, especially academic ones, are required all over the world, as every student once in a while needs professional assistance. This means that you will always have a stable workload, will plan your income and will have a chance to decide how many projects you want to work on.

Freelance academic writing opens a world of new opportunities:

- Absence of a dress code; - A chance to work from any city of the world; - Meeting people of all nationalities; - Comfortable office, when working from home; - Staying close to the people you love.

As a bonus, you can select the subjects you want to write about and plan your day without a necessity to miss family gatherings, yoga classes or coffee with friends!

How Our Service Works?

There is nothing simpler than working with us. The whole process consists of three main stages:

- Academic writer receives an order, based on his skills and availability;

- Completing the order. The writer will analyze the topic, collect necessary materials and process them, working on the paper. When everything is ready, the author sends it to the customer for the approval;

- The customer has 10 days to ask for revisions in case there are any inaccuracies in the text. When a 10-day period is over, the order is closed and the writer receives his payment.

Our benefits

We are the best at providing freelance academic writing jobs to the authors from all corners of the world. Our benefits are unquestionable:

- Stable amount of orders. You won’t have to look for additional projects to cover your bills!

- Beneficial terms. The better you work, the higher your salary is. We value professional writers and always offer them the best conditions;

- Flexible hours. You can choose when and how long you are willing to work. The only condition is that you will need to deliver the order before the deadline;

- Round-the-clock support team. Our managers will help you to solve any matter and will answer your questions not depending on the time of the day;

- Interesting tasks. You can indicate the subjects you are good at and the ones you are willing to learn more about.

We always put our writers first and you can be sure that you will achieve all the highest heights, working with our professional editors, writers and managers!